Saturday, 29 September 2012

Make up for getting over someone

Self explanatory. This is just basically a showcase of what I can do, since this blog is new, but also a chance to show you the kind of thing I do when I'm trying to get over someone, or I've just come out of a relationsip. This kind of thing isn't going to heal anyone's heart, but it does help you put on a brave face (literally) and feel a little more confident. Enjoy :)


Winged smokey eye: my kick-ass make up I wore to a party. My ex made a right idiot of himself. 

Antil-Valentine's Day.

My take on an Egyptian eye.

Another shot of kick-ass make up.
I hope this gives someone some ideas; remember that make up  can really be therapy!
Emma x


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Guilt-free Starbucks orders

I know the feeling...

You walk into Starbucks, and it seems as if everything is tailored for those who can afford to splash around their calories a little, or who aren't to bothered. Which is perfectly alright! But what if you're feeling like you've had a few too many 'Bucks recently, and there's a little weight you'd love to shift? Have no fear, you do not have to miss out on your daily coffee and just buy a water...

Ordering Starbucks on a diet
  1. So there's the obvious - try skimmed milk! I can promise you it tastes just fine when you add coffee, not that different to semi or whole milk really. A latte would be around 50kcal.
  3. However if you like a slightly creamier taste, try soy milk! It isn't for everyone, and it tastes a little sweeter than normal milk, but give it a go. A latte is around 140kcal.
  4. Sweetner can taste icky, especially is you aren't used to it (though it gets better with time), so my magic tip is to add cinnamon instead of sugar, or add it in with your sweetner. Cinnamon is not only a natural sweetener, it actually speeds up weight loss and fills you up! (it's particulally good if you are trying to shift weight off your tummy) You shouldn't need any more that a teaspoon at most to add sweetness and a ton of flavour. Starbucks leave cinnamon on the side in the shakers. A teaspoon adds only 6kcals to your drink. A great alternative to a gingerbread latte!
  5. Give an Americano a go. If you tend to drink a lot of coffee during the day, lattes may not be your best friend. However a Café Americano (tall sized, black) is only around 12kcal. So, if you think you can stomach black coffee, you can have as many as you like!
  7. Sugar free syrups are usually available! I know you can definatley get vanilla and caramel, but it's difficult to find an actual calorie count for these. However, it is definatley healthier than a normal syrup, so I'll leave it to you.
I hope this helps someone out a little! If you would like to know what to order in Starbucks food-wise, or want advice about different coffee shops, let me know.
Have a lovely day - and remember, don't calorie count forever. You only live once :)
Emma x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review: Sleek Pout Polish

Okay, so this stuff smells like cake.
Imagine seriously yummy cake, sitting under your nose all day long, and it's in your pocket!
I'll tell you what I like about this product: everything. And I'm not just saying that because I want to have a ridiculously sappy blog, that's just not me. I'm just genuinley so impressed by this little pot o' wonders...
Sleek say: "Pout Polish is a tinted lip conditioner that nourishes and feels like a lip balm, whilst providing the look and colour of a subtle gloss."
Yeah, I'd say that was all true. What Sleek don't mention is all the other awesome stuff about this product!
Okay, so not only does this smell like a Victoria sponge/vanilla hot chocolate. It's seriously pigmented, but not in an annoying I'm-so-smeary way. It contains shea butter, so it glides onto your lips, conditioning really well and staying on when you drink. I'd definatley compare this to the exact same product in MAC, the staying power and pigmentation are almost identical.
I think I tried nearly every shade in Superdrug, but I ended up buying 'Perfect Plum', because I'm an autumn freak... it looks like this in the pot.

And you really don't have to use that much for soft, pretty-smelling, pretty-coloured lips. I can see this shade I'm wearing (below) would be great on most skin tones, and it's a lovely colour for autumn. I'm a sucker for berry lips when I'm wrapped in my big felt coat and leaves are swirling around in the wind...
So, for £4.49, something that is clearly going to last me a good two winters at least, I would totally recommend this.
Have a great day!
Emma x

Hi there!

Just thought I'd say hello, massively over subscribed world of lifestyle blogging.

I'm Emma, I'm 16 and I just started my AS Levels. In what, you may ask? Well, it's not too exciting... if you're vaguely interested, I'm taking English Lit, English Lang, Classical Civilisation and Drama. Yes, Drama. Many people think I'm mad! But I want to be an actress when I leave school, and I have to start somewhere...

However, I do have a massive interest in all things homely and beauty-ish as well.
I wouldn't say I've ever been a hugely girly-girl: I am NOT the type to spend forty-five minutes curling my hair every morning! I'm practical; I buy good quality make up that lasts me longer, instead of a load of cheap stuff that slides off my face half way through the day anyway. Make up is also my therapy; my ritual of putting it on in the morning wakes me up and calms me after being screamed at by my alarm...

I have a style in fashion that I am completely comfortable in, and people seem to like - I take a couple of ideas out of Vogue and branch them out into my vintage finds from charity shops (I LOVE charity shops!) and other things my mum gives me from the 80s when she feels like she cannot justify keeping them any more...

I'm also really into reading, and you will normally find me with my head in something for class, a good historical fiction, fantasy or classic. My books to beauty ratio in my room is probably about 20:1. I own a lot of books ;)

I love to bake and cook, and I've been brought up to cook low-fat, healthy recipes which taste as good as the originals. I write and research recipes all the time - it's almost as addictive as Goodreads (here:

So, that's me. I'm not to bothered if no one ever reads this, this blog will probably be more self-indulgence than anything...
I hope you have a lovely day, dear blog.
Emma x